Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

29 April 2015


20th CENTURY MUSEUM a permanent artmasters masterpieces art collection from the last century.THE FUTURISM was founded in Milan by FILIPPO TOMMASO MARINETTI during early years of the century.It was soon joined by artist as UMBERTO BOCCIONI,CARLO CARRA',GIACOMO BALLA you can see massive works by them inside .A room at the last floor is dedicated to LUCIO FONTANA(1899-1968)founder of THE SPATIALISM.The museum have a dedicated room by many others artmasters as MARIO SIRONI,GIORGIO DE CHIRICO,FILIPPO DE PISIS,GIORGIO MORANDI.The well worldwide know by mass media paint THE 4TH STATE by GIUSEPPE PELLIZZA DA VOLPEDO is glad to welcome you just at the entrance.