Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

05 May 2015


The city ROYAL VILLA (1790-1796) from the gardens side(back) by LEOPOLDO POLLACK(wien 1751-milan 1806),commisioned by the count LUDOVICO BARBIANO di BELGIOSO.The villa has two facades one on via Palestro and the other,the main,on the beautiful English garden style designed by count ERCOLE SILVA.Don't forget to visit the masterpiece art collection inside with works by ANDREA APPIANI,ANTONIO CANOVA and many others.The French NAPOLEONE BONAPARTE chose it as his Milanese residence.Foolishly the main facade you see in the first pic and the English garden is forbidden for who want to come inside without a child less than 12 y.o.The clever MILANO MUNICIPALITY information palque is clear;you're fire in a rude way by rude guards.Never see nowhere before around the world.