Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

28 May 2015


Meet the city history at SAINT CRISTOPHER visit the must see Milano's DUCAL CHAPELcomposed by two church the old one and the new one as the noble chapel..Usually is not on the normal touristics routes because at the south border of the city.It was composed by two small churces the new one on the right you see known as DUCAL CHAPEL.It was ordered by the lord of the city GIAN GALEAZZO VISCONTI(pavia 1351-melegnano 1402)in 1398 to commemorate SAINT CRISTOPHER for the end of the plague.It was here that LUDOVICO IL MORO want to meet BEATRICE D'ESTE.A group of CRUSADERS left from here for the first CRUSADE in the HOLY LANDS on the oldest side.On May,27th,1176 ameesengers announced the victory of the LEGA LOMBARDA(Lombard League)cathcing away the invader FREDERICK I known as BARBAROSSA.