Milan L'è on grand Milan.Milan is a big Milan,ancient national saying

03 May 2015


 THE DARSENA it was the city commercial port since the early 70's weher NAVIGLIO PAVESE and NAVIGLIO GRANDE canals enter in town.Before it was located in near of BASILICA DI SANT'EUSTORGIO (3 KINGS RELICS INSIDE).This was buil on the vill of the Milan Spanish governor Pedro Enriquez de Acevedo Count of Acevedo in 1603.The waterways called NAVIGLI SYSTEM (LEONARDO DA VINCI JOB) was used from the 12th century to bring in the city the marbles blocks from LAKE MAGGIORE for the new city cathedral known as THE DUOMO(dedicated to Saint Mary of the Nativity) along NAVIGLIO GRANDE.Foolishly closed  in the 70's,soon become one of the most degraded part of the city.Intelligently was opened 2 weeks ago for the EXPO2015.The part of the city is common know and called as NAVIGLI DISTRICT.